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Serve Scale Soar

Jan 14, 2020

Are you hoping to leave your 9-5 this year but aren’t sure how to make it happen? If you are someone who is thinking you want to bring home your spouse or maybe you just want to be home with your kids, then this is going to be an episode you won’t want to miss!  


Today I have my first guy on the podcast and he is a very special one.  I am excited for you to meet Greg who is one of the members of Serve Scale Soar as well as the Inner Circle Mastermind.  


At this time last year, Greg was working in his corporate job and now he is home with his wife and two kids (soon to be 3!!).  Greg was able to systematize his business and now he is bringing in over $10,000/month as a Facebook and Instagram ad strategist for coaches, course creators and membership site owners. 


If you are ready to join Greg and so many others inside the Serve Scale Soar membership make sure to go to to check out my free training.  This training will give you the information you need to know about scaling to consistent $10,000 months without hiring a team.  


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