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Serve Scale Soar

Jan 21, 2020

Today we are chatting about something that is usually not too fun to think about.  In today’s interview I am chatting with Amber Dugger all about money--- STOP! don’t run for the hills yet!   


Yes, we will be talking about money, but we are also going to be talking about creating a life you love and who doesn’t want that?!

I know you guys are going to find this episode immensely valuable in setting your business up for success so make sure to tune in! 


Value Bombs: 

  • How to simplify and organize your money so you can see everything in one place 
  • Reverse engineering your expenses to get to your revenue goal 
  • Creating a holistic system to see both personal and business income and expenses
  • Why you should be open to possibility and think about what it is you truly desire
  • How to create “step” goals so you can gradually create goals that you feel comfortable with 
  • Creating a vision and breaking down money goals to see it comes to life
  • How to evaluate your expenses and whether they are right for your business 
  • Understanding where your money is going from the very beginning can be very peaceful 
  • The difference between a bookkeeper and a tax accountant 
  • Poor cash flow management is one of the key reasons that businesses go out of business 
  • The importance of using a bookkeeping software


Manging money feels awkward and uncomfortable for many, but Amber encourages you to give yourself grace.  The more and more you learn about managing your money, the more it will feel like a flow and you will learn to love having control over your finances. 


I feel like this episode was the most “non-money” money talk ever.  I loved having Amber on the show because she really empowered us to take control of not only our finances but also our joy and happiness.   I know I have said it before, but when we track our happiness level, everything grows. 


Full show notes available at