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Serve Scale Soar

Feb 4, 2020

Do you need to work on your mindset?  Are you looking for the right community to join to walk with you while building your business?  Are you wondering if subcontracting might be something worth looking into? Do you need to work on streamlining your systems so you can scale?  What can you do differently in your business if you keep hitting a plateau?

We are going to cover all of these topics and more on today’s episode with my very good friend, Brianna Cortez!   Brianna and I met when we were in the beginning stages of our business and it’s been so fun to be able to see how much she has grown in her business!  She lays down some HUGE value bombs so make sure you don't miss it! 


Brianna is a Facebook ad strategist and through her business Pixel & Delight, she helps online entrepreneurs sell more of their digital products and programs through the power of Facebook and Instagram ads. She is a wife and dog mom based in San Antonio, Texas and loves helping women business owners expand their audience, spread their message, and supercharge their launches with creative and effective ad strategy.


Full show notes are available at