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Serve Scale Soar

Mar 10, 2020

Is indecisiveness your weak point? How do you summon the courage to take action and scale your business? If you've been itching to start your game but lack the willpower to make the first step, this episode will definitely get you moving!


Today's guest is copywriter and funnel strategist Haley Greene. I am so excited to have Haley on the show today because I have known Haley for a while now!  Haley, like many of us, started out doing “all the things”. She worked around the clock and plateaued at $5,000 a month.  


Things in her business aligned and that's when she decided to go all in on copywriting.  She cleaned up her systems, let go of her hourly clients and switched her business over to retainer and package pricing.  That’s when things quickly grew. Now Haley brings in over $8.500 a month as a conversion copywriter. I am excited for you to hear her journey. 

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