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Serve Scale Soar

Sep 17, 2019

On today’s episode of the Serve Scale Soar podcast, we will be talking about the 4 tools I used scaling to six figures.  The even better news is that they cost less than $35 a month! Simple and inexpensive….make sure to tune in! 


Value Bombs:

  • The importance of simplifying your business so you can scale 
  • The one tool I use to manage my contracts, proposals, scheduler, and bookkeeping. 
  • Why I LOVE Dubsado and how it simplifies my business.  Go to and use code “serve” to get 20% off using my affiliate link. 
  • The importance of finding a good CRM
  • How to eliminate using a bunch of free tools so you can improve your client’s experience 
  • Why Zoom is one of my favorite tools for discovery calls.  Plus, it’s FREE! Here’s my affiliate link so you can start using it today! 
  • How to use Google Drive to share assets quickly with clients 
  • How to improve your customer experience and journey. 
  • Why I switched from using Asana, Trello and Google Calendar to only using one platform-- ClickUp. 
  • How I plan my week on Sunday evenings using ClickUp.  Click here to check out the recent video I did that walks you through my planning process.
  • How I use ClickUp for personal use and client management. 
  • When you should switch tools and when you shouldn’t- FOMO is real, yall!
  • The importance of streamlining your tools so you can free up time for client work or more time with your family. 
  • How to get paid easily and have an amazing customer experience. 


That wraps up today’s episode. Don’t forget to screenshot this episode and tag me on Instagram @brandiandcompany and tell me what your favorite tools are!  Make sure to subscribe and tune in to episode 4 where we will be discussing the 4 things I learned scaling to six figures. 


So glad you are here! Until next time! 

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