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Serve Scale Soar

Mar 24, 2020

Do you suffer from shiny object syndrome? Are you listening to wayyyy too many people online who all seem to all have different messages on how you can grow your business? Have you ever felt overwhelmed with what courses to take and which mentors to follow?


This is just a sample of what we will be covering on the show today. In this episode, I'm honored to talk to Maggie Isley about prioritizing family, making intentional mindset shifts, and following through on your action plans. When Maggie joined my membership she was bringing in $3,000 a month and within 30 days she more than doubled it and finished at $7,300! Amazing, right?! 


Maggie Isley is a holistic brand designer and strategist, wife and mom to two boys. She has only been in the Serve Scale Soar membership for a short time, but even in 30 days her results have been amazing!  Listen in and find out how you, too, can eliminate the noise and create processes to WOW your clients so you can hit your personal income goals! 

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