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Serve Scale Soar

Apr 14, 2020

Have you ever thought about adding additional revenue into your business?  You may have thought about starting a membership, but have no idea what it would even look like or how to know WHEN you should start one! 


Today is a super special episode because I have the amazing Stu McLaren on the podcast.  Stu is what I like to call the membership guru! He is a personal mentor of mine and runs an amazing non-profit organization, Village Impact, that many of you know I am super passionate about. He is a master at telling stories and loves to teach others how they can create a membership that lights them up---while creating sustainable recurring income! Yes, please!  


Today we are breaking down what it looks like to add recurring profit to your already thriving service based business.  If you have ever thought about adding another stream of revenue to your business or maybe have even considered phasing out some of your clients or services, this will be an episode you don’t want to miss. 


My own membership, Serve Scale Soar, has not only allowed me to impact more people, but it also sets me up as an expert in my niche, which allows me to have higher end clients.  


Many service providers feel they're not an “expert” or that they don't have a huge following.  Many think it's way too complicated to start and run a membership. That’s exactly why I have Stu on the show today to answer your toughest questions about starting a membership. Stu has more than 10 years of experience in helping experts transform their knowledge and influence into recurring revenue by launching, growing and scaling 7 and 8-figure membership sites.


Value Bombs: 

  • Fulfilling a need started Stu’s journey to membership coaching
  • Why a service provider is in the best position to start a membership
  • How to keep your “saw” sharp
  • The beauty of being able to pick your ideal client
  • Why you don’t need a huge audience to start a membership
  • Smaller audiences and why they are actually an advantage
  • How to position your membership to your existing clients
  • Keeping your membership super simple when you’re not techy
  • The perfect time to set up a membership
  • How to measure the success of your membership


I want to answer your questions about starting a membership. Tell me about your services. Does it even make sense for you to add recurring profit into your business right now? DM me on Instagram @brandimowles and we can brainstorm ways you can add a membership into your service-based business. Because who wouldn’t love additional recurring income?! :)


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