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Serve Scale Soar

Sep 24, 2019

What does it take to double your income and create five-figure months in less than 60 days?  Tune in to today’s episode of the Serve Scale Soar podcast where we will be talking with Gretchen Wheeler.  Gretchen is one of the members from Serve Scale Soar and we really get to break down her business.  Gretchen transitioned from a brick and mortar to a very successful Facebook marketing and ads business. What I love most about Gretchen is that it’s not just about the money for her- It’s about her love of helping her clients.  This is going to be a great one so make sure to tune in! 


Value bombs: 


  • The importance of attending in person, live events and conferences
  • Gretchen discusses how she got started… her original plan was not to do FB ads, but to start her own painting membership. 
  • How helping her friends with their memberships, actually launched her FB ads and marketing business. 
  • How her experience in the brick and mortar space set her up for success as an online entrepreneur
  • Gretchen is NOT a tech person, yet now she does FB ads for clients 
  • How you can focus on things that aren't your strengths and work to make them better. 
  • Gretchen started and ran her business for many months before ever having a Facebook page or a website. 
  • Why it’s important to concentrate on helping others, not just about making money. 
  • No matter where you are in your business, you will still have imposter syndrome creep in 
  • We discuss the importance of relationships in your business
  • How and why Stu McLaren said Gretchen's name on stage at his Tribe Live event and how that changed everything for Gretchen 
  • The challenges Gretchen has come across working from home 
  • Why Gretchen’s favorite business tool is Dubsado and how it’s changed her business 
  • Gretchen discusses the Serve Scale Soar membership and how important community over competition is. 

Well, that wraps up today’s episode. I loved having Gretchen on the show so she could share her story and how much her life and business have changed in such a short period of time. Make sure to tune in next week for another great episode of the Serve Scale Soar Podcast. 


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Don’t forget to sign up for my free training >> How to Scale to Consistent 10K Months Without Hiring a Team 

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