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Serve Scale Soar

Oct 1, 2019

How can you use affiliate marketing in your service-based business? 

I know there is a hot topic that everyone loves to talk about….passive income.  In today’s episode, I will be discussing passive income. But not the membership and course creation type of passive income (which really isn’t passive by the way).  Today I will be talking all about affiliate income so let’s dive into today’s episode! 


Value Bombs: 


  • How you can have a successful affiliate income even if you have a small email list
  • Affiliate income doesn't have to be salesy! All you have to do is share your favorite systems and products with your audience or clients
  • How to use affiliate marketing in a genuine way 
  • How to use affiliate marketing to cover your business expenses 
  • Think about the systems and the software you currently use with your clients and apply for those affiliate programs
  • The power of affiliate marketing and how you can continue to make income from current and past clients for months and years to come 
  • The importance of suggesting software and programs you love and believe in
  • How to create your services around your affiliate offerings
  • How you can create a resource tab on your website and what to include
  • The importance of building trust with your clients
  • How to make sure you are following the rules about disclosing your affiliate links


Ok guys! That’s all for today.  Make sure to tune in on your favorite platform so you can find out more about affiliate marketing for your service-based business.  It is one of my favorite income streams! I don’t think enough people are talking about this, so I love sharing about how I have successfully weaved this into my business. 


Find me on Instagram @brandiandcompany and tell me what affiliate program you love to share and how you are using affiliate marketing in your service-based business. 


Thanks for tuning in! See you guys next week! Until then, make sure you go out and serve your clients and scale your business so you can soar into the six-figure years you deserve! 


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