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Serve Scale Soar

Oct 26, 2021

I am so excited because I have one of our amazing members of Serve Scale Soar on the podcast to tell us all about her journey to over $12,000 months as a social media strategist!


That’s right! Teah Hopper is joining me to talk all about how she did this plus how she defines success on her own terms, how she has designed a business that lights her up, and how she has created a business that allows her more time all without a team.


Teah is a social media strategist that helps businesses and entrepreneurs discover their unique story and simplify their social media through a strategic approach so that they can find joy in social media again, get their time back, and live the life they desire. 


I am always SO inspired and motivated during these conversations because it truly amazes me how members of Serve Scale Soar innovate their businesses and create success.


I know you are going to love the energy in this episode and also the tactical and practical information that Teah is sharing on how you could set your business up in the same way.


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