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Serve Scale Soar®

Nov 26, 2019

Today’s episode may hit home to many of you.  My guest today is Jen Myers. Jen is a Facebook Ad Strategist for local businesses and online course creators.  She started her virtual assistant business at the beginning of 2019 and by September she crossed the five-figure per month mark when she brought in over $12,500!  


Her story is incredible, to say the least, but things were not always this great.  Jen was a stay-at-home mom with a failing marriage before she started her online journey.  You will hear how finding this online world and building her business has transformed her marriage and her life. 


We will also chat about building confidence in your life and business and how important community is!  This episode is action-packed so make sure to tune in! 

Value Bombs: 


  • Why you need to to keep good relationships with people even if you decide you aren’t a good fit for one another 
  • The importance of aligning yourself with the right people 
  • How streamlining your systems allows you to scale more quickly 
  • Running a simple service-based business allows you to keep things lean 
  • The strategy Jen used to land her first several clients from Linkedin
  • How Jen used her superpower to meet with clients in person
  • Why sharing wins was such a struggle for Jen 
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with others you can celebrate with
  • How to make sure you are putting yourself first 
  • Building genuine relationships with your clients will pave the way for solid referrals  for your business 


I loved having Jen on the show today.  She is one of the founding members of the Serve Scale Soar membership and a dear friend.  I loved hearing her story and how it was able to change her marriage and her life. I am so excited to see what 2020 holds for her.  I already know it’s going to be incredible. 


Make sure to head to Instagram or Facebook and give Jen a shout out.  If you found this episode inspiring, please make sure to share it on social media so you can inspire someone else too! Don’t forget to tag me @brandiandcompany on Instagram and let me know you tuned in.  What was your biggest takeaway? Do you plan to implement any of Jen’s ideas into your business as we close out the year and move into 2020? 


Thanks for tuning in and I will see you guys next week! 


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