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Serve Scale Soar®

Aug 31, 2021

I love when little positive actions add up to something big. Don’t you?


That’s why I am talking all about how we can make a big impact with passion, purpose, and little daily actions in this interview with Amy McLaren. 


This busy mom of two splits her time between leading LadyStrength, a growing online community...

Aug 17, 2021

Have you ever questioned how much you should charge or when the heck you should raise your prices? Do you know what you would do if someone tried to negotiate their prices? 


All of this and more is answered by 10 Serve Scale Soar members in this special podcast episode where you hear from them instead of me.



Aug 10, 2021

Have you fully stepped into your potential?


My guest in this episode is one of the newest members of Serve Scale Soar, and she has recently fully stepped into her potential!


Chelsea Hall is joining me to share her journey from full-time teacher to Pinterest manager, and how she created $8k+ months in less than 7...

Aug 3, 2021

Have you ever thought to yourself “if I raise my prices, then no one will hire me!”?


Are you ready to make more money and stop working so much?  


If you’re answering yes to both questions, you probably need to make some money mindset shifts!

This episode is a replay of one of the most popular and...